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Letter from New York to the investors in india

Dear investors,
My interest in astrology began very early in life and grew stronger when I was in college. After I completed my college education, I joined the family textile business and later branched out on my own into garment exports. During this time I continued my study of astrology and became a good astrologer. I used to give free astrological consultation

Astrology was no longer just a hobby. It became a passion.

In late 1991 the stock market was booming and friends would ask me, how long will this bull market continue. In January 1992 , I came to the conclusion that the market could decline heavily from April 28 onwards. And I made this bold prediction.

Market did crash on April 28th 1992. I was right on the money.

It was amazing to see that I could make such predictions. I was hooked.

During the next three years,I made many predictions on the Indian Stock Market. 30% of the time, I went wrong. It was very disappointing. I realized I needed to study more about planetary influences on the Stock Markets.

Astrology was discovered in India 5000 years back. Stock markets didnít exist then. As a result there is no mention of planetary influences on stock markets in astrological books But I knew the fundamentals of astrological rules should apply on Indiaís birth chart. I had read a few articles on this subject in Dr.B.V. Ramans Astrological Magazine over the period of many years. That helped. But it was very complicated. And difficult.


Destiny was playing its role. First it gave me the knowledge of astrology and then placed me in the financial capital of the world. My close proximity to Wall Street was inspiring and exciting. Although I was still in garment business, I started giving astrological consultations on the side.

In this process I came across stock brokers, traders, investors and money managers. I began to monitor closely the American Stock Market. I believed a financial astrologer must understand how the markets work.

When I left Bombay, there was no financial news network. And there was no real time news of the stock market. New York was a different story, I would wake up to the latest financial news on CNBC. every morning. Having real time information on market movements gave me a greater understanding of planetary influences on day to day and intra day movements.

My refutation as an astrologer grew. As a result, when Astrologerís Fund had itís annual financial astrologers meet in New York City on May 15, 1999, I was invited to present the Indian perspective on financial astrology. On that day, I predicted that from April 2000 the stock market bubble will burst and massive sell off will take place. I explained Saturn will conjunct ascendant lord Jupiter, 5th lord of speculation Mars,11th lord of gains Venus, 9th lord of good luck Sun and 10th house lord karmasthan Mercury, which is also a karak of communication as well internet, in Americaís natal birth chart. Saturn being in its enemy house Aries where it was debilited was capable of giving a lethal blow to Wall Street. It was a perfect storm created by negative planetary conjunctions.

I was right on the money. Later I gave several predictions but I failed 20% of the time.

By August 2005, I realized this is as good as it gets. Nobody in the entire world could be 100% accurate. I decided to take my chances as a full time stock market astrologer. It was one of the wisest decisions of my life.

Sensex dropped below 9000. my prediction turned to be correct.but I also mentioned in my interview that the market will start weakening from Feb 5th.

It didnít. I had no way of communicating with Indian investors in real time. It was then the idea of starting a website exclusively for the Indian Stock Market originated..

And today, I am pleased to launch this website to enable investors and traders in India to get real time predictions on the Indian Stock Market based on Indiaís astrological science Jyotish Shastra

Good luck.
Ashok Motiani
October 2007