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December 2005: In my interview with CNBC TV 18 and CNBC AWAAZ I had predicted the Indian stock market would crash in the middle of 2006. Market crashed on 18th June 2006. Sensex dropped below 9000 and I advised my clients in India to buy.

December 2007: I launched my web site www.indianmarketastrologer.com to provide monthly predictions on the Indian stock market. On 1st December I wrote on my website that the sensex will cross 20,000. And it did.

I warned that in last 10 days there will be a pull back. There was.

On CNBC TV18 and CNBC AWAAZ I had predicted the market will decline heavily in 2008 as India’s horoscope for the year 2008 indicate Daridra Yog.

In my interview with DNA, a national daily news paper, I had predicted that losses from subprime crisis in U.S.will reach one trillion dollars. It was unthinkable at that time,but prediction came true.

I also predicted in The Economis Times, Sahara TV, The Sindhian Magazine and Radio Mirchi that the stock market will decline heavily in 2008.

I explained to CNBC AWAAZ that Jupiter’s shashtank position transit in India’s natal birth chart,both from lagna as well as chandra causing a daridra yog for indian stock market for the year 2008. I also predicted between January and April sensex would go up to 21000 and low 18,000. And that’s what happened.

January 2008: On 1st January 2008 I wrote on my web site that the risk reward ratio is not interesting enough for the investor to remain invested in the stock market and they should look for an exit point.

When sensex crossed 21,000 I told my private clients to SELL NOW. One of my client who had a massive investment in the market argued that a big brokerage firm has given a bullish call of sensex heading for 25,000.
I replied it was a insane call. You just SELL NOW.

Such is the confidence I have in India’s jyotish shastra.

February 2008: I predicted the market would be stabilized. I was right. It did.

March 2008: I predicted market will do better in march. I did not. Though I went wrong but there was no specific bullish call.

April 2008: I gave a very bullish call predicting sensex could reach 18,000 it almost did. Short of 400 points. I did not factored 3 holidays in April. In those 3 days sensex could easily have gained 400 points because run rate was 200 points a day around those holidays. But what matters is sensex gained 10% that too against all odds as every one else was bearish.

May 2008: I wrote May has come and I am bearish now. I predicted the market will start declining and fears of inflation will be back. it did. Inflation reached 8.1%.

I added Jupiter’s retrogression will suck away liquidity. Rising oil prices not only taking away nation’s wealth but making consumers globally feel the pinch.

On CNBC tv18 I predicted the Sensex will go down to 14000 by mid-July 2008.

When I was asked about oil, i predicted for June and July oil could be up but later After July, I said I was bearish and added I am aware of gold man sach’s call that oil will reach 200 but over the next few months my target is 100.

I was right again. Goldman sach’s analyst proved to be wrong.

Back in U.S. Lehman Brothers lost 2.8 billion dollars and raised 6 billion dollars from the market in may. Finanacials are getting beaten up. Citi bank stock is now 20 bucks.

June 2008: I predicted selling will continue -- Selling pressure will increase on or after 5th June. I was right again. Today Monday the 9th June sensex at one time was down 700 points to 14855 and nifty 4419

July 2008: As I predicted earlier market did bottomed on 16TH July. On 15th July I sent an email alert to subscribers that today Wall Street has bottomed out and tomorrow would be Dalal Street. Next day on 16th July sensex bottomed out at 12,500 and I issued a “BUY” call predicting that sensex will cross 14,500 by 14th August.
Sensex jumped to 15,200 in 8 days by 23rd July. I sent an email alert to “SELL” as I was expecting market to decline after 14th August..

By 14th August Sensex reached 15,500.

August 2008: I warned between 15th August and 15th September market will decline financial stocks will come under attack. It did.

September 2008: I was right again.. financials came under major attack by short sellers. Lehman brothers went under.

Merrill lynch was taken over.
Fannie May and Freddie Mac almost nationalized.
Government almost took over 80% of AIG.

It was the financial disater. Global markets trembled under this attack.
U.S.Tressury sec. Paulson and fed chairman Bernanke came up with a rescue plan to save U.S. from finacial doom.
And first time short selling of finacial stocks were banned not only in U.S.and UK But in several countries.

October 2008: On 2nd October 2008 I issued a SELL call predicting there would be major sell off in October.
When I issued a sell call NiFty was trading at 4000 and within 25 days nifty dropped to 2250 intra day– a decline of 43%

on 27th October I called out a “bottom” and issued a “BUY” call.
I predicted Sensex was heading towards 15,000 to 16,000 points.
This prediction was very important as all the analysts were predicting dooms day scenario and I was the only one became bullish.
Since my previous negative predictions on the market came true, entire Indian media covered it.
During my visit to India in November I gave same predictions on CNBC TV18 and CNBC AWAAZ and more than 20 news papers like DNA, Hindustan Times, Hindu, Eenadu, New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, Bay News, Andhra Jyothi, Varth, Andhra Prabha etc.
I addressed the press conference in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on 26th November 2008 which was covered by every leading news paper and TV station in south of India where I gave same bullish call sensex to reach cross 15,000 by march.

But by march sensex advanced only 25% but I continued by bullish call indicating latest by June it would cross 15,000 and it did on 19th may 2009 immediatly after the budget.
On 10th June sensex touched 15,580.
And I proved to be more accurate than any one else in the world.

Nobody else predicted in 2007 that market will crash in 2008. I did.
No one else predicted sensex and nifty will double in 2009. I did.

So for in last 18 months I have been right 90% of the time.
Which is better than any astrologer, any analyst, any economist any where in the world.

Though past performance is no gaurantee for the future success; and yet the only way to judge the person’s capability is through his past performance.

So far god has been very kind to me.
Lets hope he continue to favor me in the future too so I Can continue to give accurate predictions.

ashok motiani
June 30th 2009