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From New York to London, Tokyo to Mumbai, experts from all over the world try to figure out as to which direction the stock market is likely to go.
Economic figures like GDP growth, inflation, interest rates, unemployment, housing permits, starts, sales, inventory and consumer confidence etc., are available to every analyst, economist and money manager and yet there is never any consensus among the so called experts.

BULLS will say, ‘ look, glass is half full and market will rally’.
BEARS will say, ‘ not so fast, the glass is half empty and market will correct.’
The poor investor does not know whom to believe so he does nothing.
And suddenly when the market declines, he panics and sells it. When the market is low he is unable to buy back as he is completely shaken and scared to employ his hard earned capital back in the market.
And again when the market rallies he gets a conflicting outlook and is unable to make up his mind .
Meanwhile seasoned players hedge their position by buying puts, selling covered calls or buying straddles.
An average investor does not understand these complicated trades. So he or she becomes a victim of volatile markets.

During this mayhem, the bears take credit for sell off and the bulls, when market rallies back.
And every one becomes an expert as market some time or other has to correct and rally back.
Crucial thing is to know WHEN the market will recover itself and WHEN it will sell off.

That’s timing.
Without this information all the analysis sounds like gibberish to the investor.

The investor needs to know only one thing: WHEN to sell and WHEN to buy back.
What really matters is timing: rest is purely academic discussion based on which it is very difficult to make money or protect investments.

Unfortunately analysts can not provide this vital info.
Then what does ?
The answer is... India’s 5000 years old wisdom/science JYOTISH SHASTRA.
Based on this great ancient science I have been making astrological predictions on American and Indian stock market since 1992 and the success rate has been 80% However I got lucky in 2008 as my success ratio went up over 90%.

During my visit to India in December of 2005 I was interviewed by CNBC tv18 ,where I had predicted that during the middle of 2006 when Saturn and Mars will conjunct in Mars’ debilitated sign cancer, which is India’s moon sign, stock market will crash.
I informed the news media that GOLD will shoot up to $700 from then the current price of $500 and OIL could reach an all time high.
By 18th June 2006 SENSEX lost 4000 points;
GOLD reached $700;
OIL reached an all time high at $ 78 a barrel.
I was right on the money on all 3 predictions.

December 1st 2007 I launched my website www.indianmarketastrologer.com and predicted on CNBC TV18 and CNBC AWAAZ and ECONOMIC TIMES, that during 2008 stock market will crash .I predicted on DNA, India’s leading news paper, the the loss from subprime will exceed 1 trillion dollars.
On 1st January 2008 I wrote on my website that the risk reward ratio is not interesting enough to remain invested and that they should exit.
Within a week I gave a SELL call when SENSEX was 21000 This call was very interesting as all the analysts and brokerage houses were predicting that sensex was heading for 25,000 and I was the only person predicting a major decline.
I was right. SENSEX dropped 6000 points initially and by January end settled at 18,000, a loss of 3000 points.
On 1st May I wrote on my website .’fasten your seat belt as market is heading for bumpy ride and will continue to decline till mid-July.
Same month I was visiting India and predicted on CNBC TV 18 and CNBC AWAAZ that sensex will fall below 14,000 by 15th July. I also went against a GOLDMAN SACH’S call on OIL.
I said clearly that ‘though I am aware of Goldman Sachs’s call at oil 200 dollars a barrel, my prediction is that after July it would be heading below 100 dollars a barrel.’
I was right. Analyst from GOLDMAN SACHS was wrong.
Those who want to see the video of this amazing prediction may go to www.moneycontrol.com And searh for Ashok Motiani’s interview on 27th May 2008

Sensex dropped to 12500 on 16th July and I called it a bottom and A gave BUY call indicating that within 30 days sensex will gain at least 2000 points.
It gained 3000 points.
I clearly predicted rally will last till 15th August and again market will decline.
On 15th August in my email to the subscribers I asked them to sell and predicted that banks will come under attack specially during the first half of September.
I was right once again. Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia became causalities.
But my best call of the year was yet to come.
On 2nd October I sent an email alert to the subscribers to SELL as massive selling will take place and market will hit the bottom.
NIFTY index dropped 45% to 2250 within 25 days.
I called it a bottom on 27th October and gave a BUY call.
SENSEX and NIFTY are higher by more than 90% as of on 10th june 2009

Way back on 15th may 1999 I was invited by Astrologer’s Fund in New York City at Intercontinental Hotel at financial astrologer’s meet to give Indian perspective on financial markets.
That day I gave remarkable prediction.
I predicted that from April 2000 onwards American stock market will decline heavily. I also added king of technology Microsoft may lead the way to disaster.
I was right. Internet bubble burst and Microsoft also ran into problemS with the government.
I made several extraordinary predictions on U.S. market but they are not documented so I would not mention it.
However once that are documented are available on the web site under archive tab.

But now I am launching this website www.motianistrategy.com For the investors and traders active in American Stock Market.
Motiani Strategy on investing and trading is based on Indian Astrology.
It provides astrological predictions and strategy based on U.S.birth chart and transit planets.
It gives monthly predictions/ quarterly predictions and daily predictions on U.S. stock market.
Cost of services is mentioned on COST tab.
Let’s hope I do as well as I did for Indian stock market.
But let me warn you, so far I have been right only 80% of the time, and wrong 20% of the time . Which is probably better than any astrologer, analyst or market strategist anywhere in the world.
But past performance is no guarantee for future success.
Please do not invest based on my predictions until you are fully convinced that my predictions do come true.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Your well wisher
Ashok Motiani